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Concrete Pipe and Manhole Gaskets

Concrete Pipe and Manhole Gaskets
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UP&R produces Concrete Pipe gaskets and Manhole gaskets from a variety of polymers. The majority of gaskets are produced using polyisoprene, but some are produced from neoprene, nitrile, or EPDM, depending on the soil conditions at the job site and other specific job requirements.

All UP&R Concrete Pipe and Manhole gaskets meet ASTM C-443 and / or ASTM C-361, depending on the particular pipe specification.

UP&R develops sealing solutions based on customer’s joint details. UP&R’s in house die manufacturing quickly turns joint details into viable, sealing gaskets. From customer’s joint details to extrusion die development, to splice mold manufacture, and finally to finished spliced gaskets, all aspects of the process are contained within UP&R to insure proper process control and maintain strict quality control.

UP&R is a proud member of the American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA), as well as the National Precast Association (NPCA)

               ARRA Certification Letter 2012

View Installation Guidelines of a Profile Gasket/ O-Ring Gasket

Installation of Profile Gasket PDF (PDF - 81KB)Installation of O-Ring Gasket PDF (PDF - 63KB)

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General Capabilities Develop and Manufacture gaskets for Concrete Pipe and Concrete Manholes
Industry Focus Construction, Drainage Pipe, Sewer Pipe, Concrete Pipe
Industry Standards ISO-9001; ASTM C-443; ASTM C-361
Materials Polyisoprene, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM
Additional Services Provided Die development based on customer joint details; Die Manufacture; Splicing; Angle Splicing; Corner Splicing
Desired File Format AutoCAD (DWG), DXF, GIF, IGES, JPG, PDF, SolidWorks, TIFF
Size Range Gaskets produced from 12” diameter up to 144” diameter
Tolerance ASTM C-443 and ASTM C-361 depending on customer’s application

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