As a contract manufacturer, we know it’s not uncommon to have multiple projects going on at once. The challenge comes with efficiently and promptly balancing the many moving parts while ensuring high quality and accuracy.

While we have the capabilities that allow us to work on many different types of projects for various clients at the same time, we understand the concern that sometimes goes along with it. For example, a potential customer in a non-auto industry may be curious about how much of our production time is dedicated to projects that are outside of the auto industry. As the auto industry works in an assembly-line type of production, and we greatly work with auto customers, the work is on tight deadlines. It is our duty, then, to ensure these customers that they will be treated with the highest regard.

Customers in the auto industry are very diligent about contract manufacturers they work with, as the auto industry has many stringent requirements due to national guidelines and safety laws. With these customers, it is important that we stress how efficiently we can work, and how familiar we are with the many automotive regulations, as we work on many auto projects.

For us, it is a matter of finding the right balance between assembly lines and lead times, as well as considering all of the customer requirements. We are constantly weighing the requirements as opposed to the assets in place. Additionally, we are continuously looking over our schedule and analyzing when orders are due. There are numerous variables that we are working with when evaluating production schedules to make sure that each project completed. The size, lead time, ship date, payment, and business reasons are some of the variables that we take into consideration when working on a project.

As a company, we are highly experienced at managing different projects in different industries. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team is here to assist you when your business requires a contract manufacturer.

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