Universal Polymer & Rubber Ltd also known as UP&R by its customers and vendors is a part of the Cypress Companies of Akron, OH. Since its inception in 1970, UP&R has reached out to customers across the globe. It has helped its customers to grow by providing a wide range of polymer solutions. UP&R focuses on manufacturing rubber and plastic extruded parts as well as rubber molded parts. These are manufactured in the manufacturing plants in Middlefield, OH and Tallmadge, OH as well as through partnerships and relationships with other manufactures in Asia, thus showing its global presence.

UP&R sells its products across three continents and into four major markets – transportation and cargo control, construction and pipe manufactures, automotive supply chain and general industrial market. 7-8% of businesses done by UP&R are exported with its major customers in China and Singapore.

If companies are to survive, then they must think globally. This is because the customers are located across the globe and they expect support globally. Another important aspect in doing business globally is the ability to provide consistency across the products. No matter which part of the globe UP&R’s products are manufactured, they have to be of the same quality. In order to achieve this, UP&R has greater control over the quality of the products that are manufactured. The management of UP&R has come up with a long distance supply chain for some products and this has turned out to be a model for manufacturers of UP&R’s size (with a sales range of $20-50 million).

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