National Concrete Pipe Week is observed this year from August 14-20 to celebrate the concrete pipe and precast products industry. An initiative of American Concrete Pipe Association, the sole purpose of this week is to make people aware of how concrete pipes, precast units and the ancillary industries related to them positively impact the quality of life of US citizens.  During this week long celebration, the contributions of workers, manufacturing plants, and other industries that support concrete pipe producers will be acknowledged.

Concrete pipe

To understand why this week occurs it is important to list out some ways in which concrete pipes are unique and useful.
  • Concrete pipes are intrinsically strong. They derive their strength and their robustness from the concrete mix and the production process. They do not rely much on soil traction and thus are used to reinforce structures even in areas where the top soil is loose.
  • Concrete pipes are capable of handling large volumes of fluids and all types of liquid waste and sewage. Without the arteries of concrete pipes, suitably bolstered with steel, crisscrossing the country the drainage in many of the nation’s most congested areas would be compromised and could result in unseasonal flooding.

With the latest advancements in technology and breakthroughs, there is increased precision of the fabrication process. Computer controlled designs and batch production facilities have eliminated instances of waste and expedited delivery timeline resulting in a more profitable industry.

The National Concrete Pipe Week will showcase these developments and will also put the spotlight on the transporters, the sand and stone providers and the concrete suppliers who make manufacturing and distribution possible.

Universal Polymer is Proud to Support the Concrete Pipe Industry:

At Universal Polymer we are excited to celebrate National Concrete Pipe Week. We support the concrete pipe industry and produce concrete pipe and manhole gaskets from a variety of polymers. All of the concrete pipe and manhole gaskets we manufacture meet ASTM C-443 and/or ASTM C-361 depending on the particular pipe specification.  For more information on our capabilities please contact us.

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