Here at UP&R we’re growing. And not only are we growing, we have momentum. We’re on pace to do almost twice as much business in 2012 as we did in 2006. And we’re looking to do even more business in 2013. There’s no better feeling than momentum. It means our success is more than just a flash in the pan, and that the strategies we’re employing are working and working well.

And what are those strategies? The first is acquisition. Much like our acquisition of Dybrook, Inc. a few months back, we seek out the best businesses in the industry to increase our capacity and our capabilities. We also learn from each business we acquire, making us a stronger company overall.

The second factor that’s made sustained growth possible is our incredible sales force. They truly can’t be beat in terms of knowledge, experience and the rapport they have with their clients. Our sales force falls into two groups. The first is made up of guys that have been working for us for years. They know the industry inside and out, and have the product knowledge to get clients the answers they need. The other part of our sales team is made up of former manufacturers. They were operations guys, down on the floor making parts. So when they’re out visiting a client’s plant, not only can they tell the client whether or not UP&R can make a certain part, they can tell them how we’ll make that part. They can take them through the process step by step, because they have years of experience doing it themselves.

And what does our growth mean for our customers? First, by growing profitably, we’re ensuring that we can reinvest in our business to stay globally competitive. Second, it could potentially grant us leverage when ordering raw materials, allowing us to purchase materials at a lower price and pass those savings onto our customers. Third, growth begets growth. Projects that haven’t been nurtured can now be brought to fruition. A stronger UP&R means a stronger partner for our clients, and our growth shows no signs of stopping.

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