Transformer Door Gaskets and Seals Overview

transformer door using gasket seals

Transformers are a crucial part of the power grid, and proper equipment maintenance plays a key part in protecting critical infrastructure. Transformer door gaskets and seals serve to prevent oil leaks and the entry of moisture into transformer control panels and electrical cabinets.

At Universal Polymer & Rubber, we partner with manufacturers that make control panels/boxes, electrical cabinets, and other enclosures in the power grid. We specialize in creating high-performance, long-lasting cabinet door seals that can prevent moisture, dirt, and other environmental contaminants from getting into the components contained inside them.

One of the core features of our high-performance cabinet door seals is our use of high-grade nitrile over commercial-grade nitrile. Our compounding partner mixes each batch of high-grade nitrile to each of our customer’s specifications. By using the proper grades of nitrile, our door gaskets and seals offer long service lives and provide excellent resistance to transformer oil, which is extremely important for power grid applications.



Transformer Door Gaskets & Seals Features & Benefits

Why Choose Transformer Door Gaskets From Universal Polymer & Rubber

At Universal Polymer & Rubber, we specialize in creating custom, precision polymer parts, including transformer door gaskets and seals. To create these products, we use rubber extrusion and splicing. Rubber extrusion involves forcing rubber material through a shaped die under high pressure, where it takes its final shape. This cost-effective process can produce gaskets and seals capable of withstanding chemical exposure, extreme temperatures, moisture, and other harsh conditions.

We also use a type of splicing called vulcanization to create our transformer door gaskets and seals. With vulcanization, the ends of rubber extruded profiles are joined together using a combination of heat, pressure, and an uncured rubber compound. This results in a strong, reliable bond between profile surfaces.

Our transformer door gaskets and seals are produced using high-grade nitrile to ensure optimal performance in power grid applications. This material can handle a wide range of temperatures and can withstand oil, fuel, and other chemicals. It can also stretch and deform without breaking, making it an excellent choice for door seals and gaskets in critical environments.

As part of our gasket and seal capabilities, we can produce corner molded gaskets, which are square rubber pieces that provide tight seals around square or rectangular doors. These are less common than circular gaskets, which pose a risk of allowing contaminants when used in electrical cabinet and control panel applications. All of our gasket and seal products meet ASTM D 2000 standards, and are specifically designed for the transformer oil market to help reduce the risk of high electrostatic charging.


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