The molding process is the mainstay of most of the rubber or elastomer products in use today. It is designed for materials that have the resilience to return to their original shape without distortions even when subjected to extreme stress.

This intrinsic memory is what makes rubber such a popular choice for everything from pipes and gaskets to pedal pads for autos and a variety of water-resistant seals.


Technically speaking molding is a balancing act between application of heat and pressure. The two factors work in tandem to trigger a chemical reaction in rubber and modern day items are born – with their pliability, intricate details and robustness.

There are three types of variations to molding and each process has a plethora of advantages to recommend it.

  • Injection Molding – With its start way back in the mid-nineties, it mandates significantly higher application of pressure per square inch on the heated rubber in the molding cavity. The prepared material is shaped into convenient strips and fed to the hold orifice of the injection mold machine. Since it doesn’t require pre-forms it is faster than compression molding.
  •  Compression Molding – Popular for small batches of low hardness compounds, this process calls for the creation of pre-molds in the exact shape as that of the end product. The material of the pre-form fills the molding cavity to capacity. Upon application of heat and pressure it spills or flashes out of the overflow grooves. This is an indication of a properly etched deliverable. The mass is then demolded by hand.
  •  Transfer Molding – Again, necessitating the use of pre-forms, transfer molding is nevertheless one of the most cost effective options in the industry. The pre-form is placed in a ‘transfer pot’ and compressed with a plunger which in turn pushes or transfers the primary raw material through openings called ‘sprues’ to the functional cavity of the machine.


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