In 1970 an event was first held to honor the Earth and draw attention and support for environmental protection.  This event is known today as Earth Day, and is celebrated around the world on April 22nd.  With over 190 countries participating and hosting their own events, it is one of the largest civic observances in the world.  In 2016 the global theme for Earth Day is “Trees For The Earth”  and the goal is over the next five years to plant 7.8 billion trees which will absorb excess and harmful carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and help to produce more oxygen.

Earth Day

This year on Earth Day over 150 world leaders are at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to sign the Paris Agreement.  The Paris Agreement is an arrangement between the world leaders to minimize greenhouse gases emissions.  The goal of the agreement is to reduce global warming and air pollution, and to improve the global climate.  The governments signing this agreement agree to reducing emissions, being transparent with the public on how they are doing to meet pollution reduction targets, and to support the efforts to reduce emissions in developing countries.  This is the first ever universally adopted, legally binding global climate deal, and is a big step forward in helping to protect the environment.

At Universal Polymer & Rubber we understand the importance of doing our part to help the environment.  One way we do that is to recycle our cured and excess rubber.  That rubber is ground up and used in other applications including asphalt and playgrounds to limit the harmful environmental effects of rubber.  Another way we try to help the environment is by using Six Sigma techniques to cut back on the excess waste we produce.  Using Six Sigma helps us improve the quality of our manufacturing process by minimizing the variability of our business and manufacturing processes.

As a manufacturer of rubber molded parts, rubber extruded parts and plastic extruded parts we recognize how important it is to limit pollution and waste that could harm the environment.  For more information on our capabilities and our policies to help the environment contact us here.

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