Every year, hundreds of workers are killed or injured at work – everything from a minor fall to major, fatal accidents cost American businesses and manufacturers thousands of man-hours. While industry is constantly working to improve safety measures and habits to protect its employees, sometimes we need an event to help focus even further.

Workplace safety

National Safety Month

While safety is a year-round endeavor, every June, the National Safety Council puts together the National Safety Month. This is an opportunity to draw attention to safety issues in the work place, at home, in the community, and on the roadways. Through supplying downloadable resources and other promotional materials, the council makes it easy to get in touch with the work force and promote safety. Areas covered include:

  • First Aid Training
  • Workplace Safety
  • Compliance Training
  • Driver Safety
  • Fleet and Specialty Vehicle Training

Safety Year-Round

While National Safety Month is a major focal point, the National Safety Council provides information, pamphlets and posters for the work place, and much more all year. Even if it isn’t National Safety Month, it can still be a good month for you to go over safety with your employees and co-workers. Work with your company, employees, and co-workers to identify areas where your company may need to improve, and develop and implement training and response. The National Safety Council is a great source for books and reference materials for your company’s safety improvements.

Here at Universal Polymer, we will be using National Safety Month to help ensure that our employees are cognizant of the dangers that can be found in the workplace, and how to avoid injury or worse.  For our customers, we help them keep a safe working environment by offering Goldline ® and Silverline ® tarp straps for the trucking industry.  These straps are durable, strong, and have a resistance to weathering, making them the best option for keeping tarps strapped down.   Contact us here to learn more information about our tarp straps and our safety philosophies.

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