Safety is a subjective topic. Most of us pay heed to sensationalized stories of plane crashes, terrorist attacks and inclement weather and form precepts of security accordingly.

It is not recommended that we indulge in jay-walking or inebriated driving. These are accepted cautions that are firmly entrenched in our minds because of repetition and the warnings of our parents and authority figures.

But there are a myriad ways in which we put ourselves in jeopardy that aren’t widely discussed and thus stay in the shadowy background rearing their heads from time to time and claiming lives. This is particularly true for the workplace. Imagine a construction worker roaming the site without his hard top hat! It seems like a minor oversight and can’t even be deemed catastrophic in normal settings. After all wearing a hat is optional. It doesn’t define our life and our safety.

But near a building that requires steel bars, rods, cement vats and brick loads and the manipulation of these items at considerable heights to set up, a single falling object may be the difference between life and death. In short the rules of the game change depending upon the ecosystem in which an individual operates.

The National Safety Month is an annual event that is a drive for awareness. It strives to dedicate a full 30 days to the various practices we can participate in to ensure our security given the special circumstances we work and live in. And this June it was the poignant #ilivefor that dominated the social media sphere.


Why is the safety month special?

Well it actively tries to ‘engage’ the audience with its literature. There are no tedious PDFs to go through. The gist of safety endeavors is presented in appealing formats like checklists, tip sheets, videos and infographics. Professionally created bite-sized material that can boost both interest and retention.

June 2015 saw a dash of emotional charge to the proceedings as the main theme of the drive was ‘What I Live For’. All the content was geared towards reminding people (especially workers in hazard-prone settings) that they needed to take their personal and even community safety seriously to live a full life and be witness to milestone events they have been waiting for. It beckoned individuals to understand the fact that their well-being is tantamount to the well-being of their family members. The free downloads covered drug abuse, slips, falls, transportation safety and ergonomics.


Universal Polymer and Rubber L.T.D. is an industry leader when it comes to custom made rubber moldings. Its illustrious history is marked by exceptional attention paid to worker safety and it has proudly supported National Safety Month by stressing on the need to take proper care of equipment and protocol on factory floors and warehouses.

It looks forward to empowering more people through its year-round efforts and the gradual metamorphosis of the US into a ‘safety compliant’ nation.

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