The extrusion process is the mainstay of the manufacturing industry. It is relatively affordable and leads to the production of precisely shaped two-dimensional objects in a continuous line or flow. It allows manufacturers the freedom to create end deliverables in large batches and then serve multiple customers by cutting the extruded products to the desired length and shipping them out to the buyers.

Extrusion allows strict adherence to customer specifications. Since the process in itself is not dependent on a plunger or a clamp (as is injection molding), it can accept brittle raw material as input and work with it for a satisfactory result!

Rubber is no different. The elasticity of rubber renders it impervious to stress. It can return to its original form without any signs of distress and thus extruded rubber offerings are immensely popular all over the world. From insulations and seals to gaskets and power equipment parts, they hold their sway because of their robustness and pliability – a unique combination.


Extrusion processes never vary too greatly. Thus rubber extrusion is intrinsically similar to plastic extrusion because it relies on the speed of the rotation screw of the machine to push the raw material down the length of the extrusion passageway and uses heat and pressure to melt the rubber.

But there is a major difference between extrusion and other rubber manipulation techniques. The initial lump is always un-vulcanized. So that the drawing of the products from the die is easy and the deliverables align beautifully with the original request by the buyer.

The soft extruded offerings are then cured to provide stability and strength.


Universal Polymer and Rubber is an ISO 9001 certified company that is widely renowned for the quality of its service and the best practices followed by its experts to display mastery over a wide range of rubbers and polymers.

Its extrusions meet ASTM, SAE, and Mil specs depending on the nature of the order and the type of raw material being used. It has collaborated with construction, automotive, transportation, glass and window, drainage pipe, and other outdoor industries for well over four decades and takes care to ensure that post vulcanization shrinking or swelling doesn’t impact the dimensions of the manufactured deliverables adversely.

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