If you’re like us, you’re busy, and turning five stops into one is a dream that too rarely comes true. Well, in this case we can turn that dream into a reality. We already offer top-of-the-line rubber molding, rubber extruding and plastic extruding services. But we also offer secondary services that allow you to leave with a finished product. With our assembly, punching, cutting, splicing, trimming and PSA tape application services you can make sure that when you come to us, you’re done.

For one of our clients, we manufacture diaphragms for air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. After molding the rubber body of the diaphragm, we trim off the excess rubber through precision die cutting. Using a punch press, we punch holes into the diaphragm to accommodate different bolt configurations and diameters, allowing the diaphragm to leave our shop and be bolted right into a pump.

We also manufacture a variety of molded rubber tarp straps. The hook holes are molded into the part during the molding process, we manufacture the s-hooks that go through those holes, and we package the whole thing. For these straps, we even offer retail package design services. You come to us with an order, and you leave with something that’s ready for store shelves. So when it comes time to manufacture your product, we hope you think of us first—and then move on to something else.

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