Tarp Strap Markets

UP&R has been manufacturing rubber tarp straps with wire S-hooks for 50 years. The primary application of this product is in the heavy-duty flatbed truck market but tarp straps also serve a wide variety of other uses.

  • Notable features of our tarp strap offerings include:
    • Made in USA synthetic (EPDM) offerings that meet a variety of climate demands
    • EPDM is resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and ozone
    • Temperature Range: -20F – +130F
    • Exclusive manufacturer of the market leading GOLDLINE® (EPDM) and Ameripride® EPDM tarp straps
    • A variety of lengths from 10” – 41”
      Multiple packaging options including wholesale and retail formats
    • Several product feature options including: adjustable length, multiple colors, with or without S hooks, etc.