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Goldline & Silverline Tarp Straps
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UP&R is the developer and sole manufacturer of the renown GOLDLINE ® strap. GOLDLINE ® is an officially trademarked name of UP&R. GOLDLINE ® straps are made in the USA in our Ohio manufacturing facility. GOLDLINE ® tarp straps have been a standard for the trucking industry for many years dating back to the early 1970s. Very few over the road fleets are without the GOLDLINE ® tarp strap as part of their ‘need to have’ items. GOLDLINE ® continues to be the number one brand of tarp strap as recognized among truckers and tarp strap users in the USA.

GOLDLINE ® straps provide strength, durability, and resistance to weathering. This product durability is developed by both the compound used, and the manufacturing process performed to make GOLDLINE ® straps.

UP&R manufacturers and offers a selection of other straps that will fit into less stringent applications and consequently generate lower price points. One of these is our SILVERLINE ® strap.


SILVERLINE ® is also a trademarked brand name. SILVERLINE ® straps have high initial strength, but have less weathering abilities, and a shorter life span than GOLDLINE ® straps. All Straps are MADE IN THE USA!!!

All UP&R S hooks are manufactured in house directly from wire coils.



Sizes 10” – 15” – 21” – 31” -41”
Temperature Range -20F - +130F
Materials Used GOLDLINE ® EPDM; SILVERLINE ® – Natural Rubber; SILVERLINE ® EPDM
Packaging 50 to a box; UPC Flag Label available on request and for a slight up charge
Special Features Selection of product levels and price points; All straps made in USA; GOLDLINE ® is a trademarked brand name; SILVERLINE ® is a trademarked brand name
Secondary Operations Applied S hook manufacture in house; retail packaging options;
Industry Uses Transportation, Recreational (Camping), Marine (Boat Cover Tie Downs)
Volume any
Delivery Time 1 – 4 weeks
Delivery Location FOB Middlefield, OH USA

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